BDO Runda for financial subsidies 48,400,000

  Energy-saving and environmentally friendly features LED lighting gradually recognized by consumers, so many specializing in LED lighting products, companies see the hope, but we also have the problem of the lack of professional exhibition platform to be solved. However, on May 27, as the country’s first energy-saving LED lighting display base in Shili materials procurement Street Colliers International Lighting Hong Kong completed, possessed in LED business is expected to be a platform for the plight crack.

  Colliers International is located in the basement of the LED lamps Hong Kong purchasing energy-saving lighting display base area of ​​about 6000 square meters, of which 2000 square meters of LED dynamic display and experience area, consumers can experience this LED lighting and general lighting products in different place, to understand China’s energy-saving lighting industry development history and dynamics.decorative lights The remaining 4,000 square meters of exhibition area will be introduced in the LED lighting industry is very famous brand, nowadays the highest technical content, style most innovative LED products appear here.

  From experience to purchase energy-efficient lighting products, to popularize knowledge of energy-saving products, energy-saving LED lighting display base can be a one-stop sourcing solution. Colliers International Lighting Hong Kong Shan Ho, general manager said, LED lighting is in emerging infancy, product quality is uneven, the merchant also polydisperse nook and cranny in the lighting market, the lack of professional showcase platform. It is seen that, before planning to build a high-power LED lighting products sourcing base for consumers and businesses to provide one-stop service. In the future, the base service will be extended to energy-saving product testing, certification and design of the platform.

  It is reported that, in order to ensure energy saving LED lighting display base of professionalism and credibility, Colliers has strict requirements on the presence of brands, businesses must hold a power of attorney manufacturers, business license, trademark registration, quality inspection report, 3C certification, energy certification etc. currently Yaming, NVC, TCL, fireflies, sunlight, Taiwan, Chicony, snow Wright, Chau Ming lighting, Tovey, Guangyu already got the first tickets.

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Liard small pitch LED display wide leading global demand for new products

small pitch global leader in LED display technology that will partly replace DLP / LCD market

Liard small pitch LED display global leader in technology and products have been the first to achieve 2.5mm pitch 1.9mm pitch marketing and mass production of products, but also the smaller spacing has been successfully developed products; better performance but also because of the people Hall Two on-site demonstration of the application and other places, the market demand.

LED display compared to DLP / LCD has no seam, high brightness, can display any area, visible range, low maintenance cost, energy-saving and other advantages, while the company’s small pitch products and a greater degree of improvement in the resolution rate this disadvantage, the next few years will be on the big screen this more than 6 billion yuan stitching occupy a certain market share, for DLP / LCD products forming part instead.

In addition, because the LCD panel process limitations, the company will have 90-inch LED TV LCD TV form larger challenge in the non-consumer market is expected to have a greater application space.

full-color display and innovative display products leading export business continued to grow rapidly

Liard to maintain full-color display technology, brands and channels leading, successfully applied in Tiananmen Square, World Expo, the Asian Games and other events in the country with a strong brand, and direct sales channels across the country to strengthen the brand and marketing capabilities ; the company’s innovative products successfully used in Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony scrolls and rings, with market penetration, creative display to maintain a rapid growth. In addition, the company’s export business currently accounts for less than 12% of revenue in the future also maintain rapid growth.

engineering, landscape lighting and M & A is the company’s new growth point

Liard with strong integration capabilities,led sign displays and successful implementation of the same side buildings, buildings and other HNA thousand million lighting project; projects and landscape lighting business expansion will increase the company’s market space. In addition, the company is expected to be in the LED industry consolidation during the process of mergers and acquisitions to accelerate epitaxial growth.

Risk Warning

Mature product prices continued to decline in the presence of risk; new product technology maturity risks exist.

give cautious recommendation rating

The company’s leading technology and new product demand, increased business expansion larger market space, full-color display and maintain a leading creative displays and sustained growth, results greater flexibility; does not consider the impact of mergers and acquisitions, is expected to 12/13/14 years EPS was 0.74/0.97/1.16 yuan, an increase of 33% / 30% / 20%, corresponding to the current share price P / E of 22/17/14 times the company’s rapid growth and low valuation, giving cautious recommendation rating. “

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LEDTV backlight and lighting needs strong pull Taiwan LED industry growth in the second half

Lunda electronic Su, chairman and general manager, said low-cost direct type LED TV optimistic outlook, Lunda Electronics corresponding high power LED is already in place.

This year’s Taipei International Optoelectronics Week, the Lunda electronic Su, chairman and general manager of foreign first relenting, low-cost direct type LED TV will inject Lunda Electronics third quarter revenue contribution, while LED lighting demand is still strong, and will revenue growth for the company another big momentum; LED lighting this year, the focus remains under industry, many manufacturers are competing to display LED plant lighting, a new bright spot in the show, visible LED lighting has been in different application areas flourish . Obviously 2012 LED TV and LED lighting output growth will be driven by two strong road, become the LED supply chain vendors focused product line deployment, to carve up market opportunities pie.

cheap direct type LED TV incentive Ronda Q3 orders increase in volume

Lunda Electronics Q3 1 watt LED shipments will be significantly higher. Benefiting from low-cost direct type LED TV brands intensify expand product lines deployed, Lunda electronic orders for the second half of the high-power LED has been significantly improved; Once the terminal market to buy gas heating, will be able to inject a lot of revenue contribution.

Su, said third quarter the traditional peak season for television, targeting low-cost direct type LED TV irresistible, many TV brands planned for the second half of aggravating cheap direct type LED TV product line layout, is expected to improve Lunda electronic procurement proportion of high-power LED.

Currently Lunda electronic high-power LED is small shipments to mainland China and other countries of cheap direct type LED TV customers, representing high-power LED products Lunda ratio is still low. Su, that TV brands to increase low-cost direct type LED TV product shipments later, still depending on the initial actual market sales in order to determine the number of additional purchases, so the second half Lunda used cheap electronics direct type LED TV’s high-power LED is still hard to determine the final shipments.

However, due to low-cost direct type LED TV The use of high-power LED, using the number of pieces will be greatly reduced, fear will impact the overall revenue. In this regard, Su Feng positive response, unlike the edge-lit LED TV uses low power LED number and the structure more simple, direct type LED TV uses less high-power LED number, then to add the second optical lens , the design is relatively complex, so price is higher than the low power LED about 10%; although direct type LED TV uses LED number decreased, but the overall revenue has not been much affected. Su Feng is expected in 2012 Lunda Electronics LED TV product line with all lighting applications will show growth momentum, which edge-lit LED TV’s growing strength is still strong, is still the main market; For cheap direct type LED TV this year, driven by revenue amount, still depends on the second half of the market to buy gas. Worship LED TV and lighting market expansion, thanks to Lunda Electronics capacity utilization also continued to rise. Su, revealed that, at this stage Lunda Electronics capacity utilization rate has reached 80%, the third quarter is expected to point to 90%. 2012 Lunda electronic LED lighting revenues will grow substantially, however, Su, stressed that the LED unit price continued to fall, so although the LED lighting turnover will significantly increase the proportion of revenue contribution will remain at last year’s 3,040 percent.

LED lighting market to benefit from this expansion, Ronda LED chip production capacity utilization rate optimism, Su, said, Lunda electronic LED chip capacity is tight, has gradually replaced and added capacity five times higher than the 2-inch 4 inch metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) machine, overweight continue to expand production capacity, the future will represent Lunda Electronics proportion of the overall number of machines more than 50%, the current total number of Lunda electronic MOCVD machine nearly 80 units.

However, Su Feng is that, in the absence and North America, the European debt crisis, LED lighting market in Europe and North America will grow faster. 2012 LED lighting market is still the largest in Japan, accounting for about one-third; followed by Europe, accounting for 2030%; Furthermore is the Asia-Pacific region, up 20%;, and North America about 10%.

In addition, Su, further analysis, despite the 2012 LED lighting costs dropped sharply, but to allow the rapid popularization of LED lighting is not easy, largely based LED lamps made of metal, glass and take the appearance of traditional bulbs feel very different, the end consumer required more time to adapt to new products, coupled with Europe and the United States economy turned sluggish, leading builders cover reduced the proportion of new building, the terminal proportion of consumers to buy second-hand housing rose, as compared to the new building, old house with LED lighting proportion is not high, it is affecting the LED lighting market share.

In addition to the commercial, construction and home lighting market, green technology for the LED lighting industry, agriculture is expected to inject another unit running water.

<strong> rise of green technology LED plant lighting business of agriculture to take off </ strong>

In response to climate change, food shortage and environmental pollution problems, into LED lighting plant factory is booming, the future include building rooftop, home interior with conventional greenhouse farms and other locations are expected to see the various LED plant lighting applications, also will drive the LED lighting device shipments to climb.

Light Yin Biotech CEO Chen Jizong said, LED plant factory is Taiwan to show the world the importance of developing the competitiveness and future urban grain and vegetables are the main sources of supply.

Light Yin Biotech CEO Chen Jizong that dramatic changes in the global climate has led to many parts of the lack of sunshine, high intensity rainfall and other extreme phenomena, directly affecting crop productivity and quality, resulting in worsening of agricultural economic losses. Therefore, with effect from the weather and plant production capacity of the plant has begun to stabilize by the industry concerned.

Chen Jizong further pointed out that due to the indoor environment plant factory and LED lighting equipment import substitution generally sunshine, so you can control the plant growth environment. The LED lighting can also be due to different plant species, further adjustments to the most appropriate for the crop growth light environment; generally the most common practice is to adjust the LED lighting in the red and blue wavelengths, and even fine-tune the green light can be added in order to enhance crop growth environment quality.

In fact, according to use light plant factory is divided into three categories, one for sun-using, that is conventional precision greenhouse; second is sunlight and artificial light and use type is defined in the sunlight outside, also uses artificial light strengthened; third is completely artificial light type, early is to import high-pressure sodium, but prone to overheating, making the type of plant factory cooling costs higher, now benefit from the LED lighting technology matures, the heat issue has been solved.

LED plant lighting equipment generally required to have a larger spectral range and combination of multiple light sources to be able to meet the plant factory for LED lighting requirements. In addition, the plant factory to enhance the quality of crop growth for LED plant lighting source efficiency, irradiation distance is also required, and Taiwan LED manufacturers technology and capacity are among the best in the world, will be cut into the largest application market for this one weapon.

It is understood that, at present, including the new century, Everlight, wang energy and other industries who spotted the plant factory will gradually prevailed opportunities have switched heavily invested LED plant lighting market. Future costs continue to decline with the LED, LED lighting is bound to become a quality agriculture and greenhouse agriculture standard with higher economic benefits for farmers and less risky production advantages, thereby stimulating the development of LED lighting industry.

Another concern is that, LED TV and lighting costs plunged from the main cause of the rapid decline in the price of the sapphire substrate and the silicon substrate GaN (GaN-on-Si) is difficult to improve yield under the influence nitrided silicon substrate Gallium cost competitiveness, it is difficult and expanding LED market territory.

<strong> yield breakthrough silicon nitride aspiring to be difficult stretch </ strong>

Since the fourth quarter of 2011, a sapphire base wall quote below $ 10, although rush orders poured LED TV lift, the sapphire substrate hardly returned more than $ 10 price level, fear will make silicon nitride LED lighting Market fist difficult stretch.

Dow LED technology marketing director Nathaniel E. Brese that optimistic LED sapphire substrate to grow annually to maintain two digital trend, Dow will actively enter this market.

Dow Chemical (Dow Chemical) LED technology marketing director Nathaniel E. Brese said that at this stage confined to the silicon substrate GaN yield, cost and performance is still hard to keep pace with the sapphire substrate, so sapphire substrate systems can maintain an annual growth rate of 20% , the estimated short-term three years, the sapphire substrate is still hard to shake the mainstream market position, as a long-term perspective, the silicon substrate GaN and sapphire substrate in the mountains in the LED lighting market.

Currently TSMC, Osram Opto Semiconductors (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors), Puri (Bridgelux) and other manufacturers have gradually expanded silicon substrate GaN deployment, which will jointly Puri Toshiba (Toshiba) jointly developed 8-inch silicon substrate GaN LED , is scheduled to be introduced mass production in early 2013.

Brese that in the past the high price of the sapphire substrate, so that the industry hope after the advent of the silicon substrate GaN have the opportunity to cut the cost of LED lighting, incentive rapidly expanding market penetration, but the observation of both vendors into the silicon substrate GaN R & D schedule, which shows the current yield is still quite low, if not break, the fear will impede penetration stumbling block.

As silicon substrate GaN yield, Brese pointed out that due to the company is not publicly precise information, it is not yet released accurate reference number.

Brese mentioned that nowadays most developing silicon substrate GaN and sapphire substrate manufacturers are Dow Chemical’s customer base, in view of the silicon substrate GaN market prospects can be expected, it is expected there will be more new entrants to join market fray, while speeding up the silicon substrate GaN LED commercialization schedule.

Currently Dow silicon substrate for GaN and sapphire substrate manufacturers, has launched optical lithography (Lithoraphy), chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), and is widely used in MOCVD machine epitaxial growth technology leading products such as materials and mix, ready to grab market aggressively.

Thus the above, the second half of promising low-cost direct type LED TV and lighting under considerable opportunities, LED supply chain vendors have been actively card, flags market territory. “

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Fobsun leading global release 7W bulb provides up to 400 lumens

FOBSUN electronic LIMILTED launch new 7 watt LED bulb recent global. As China’s largest LED lighting manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, FOBSUN always adhere to the lowest price to the market supply of LED lighting design and best quality products, now let us look at the appearance of the unique advantages of the leading global new lamp. Nikon D60 7W LED light bulb with Nichia LED power consumption compared to traditional bulbs give the same light intensity 10 percent of energy. Quality as the light source of the LED, the LED bulb consumes only 7 watts available worldwide as a 60-watt incandescent bulb, which means you can save by switching incandescent energy saving 80% or more of the LED light output of the same bill. 35,000 hours long life can also greatly reduce your maintenance and renovation costs. Environmentally-friendly materials, this LED light bulb will not cause any environmental pollution, does no harm to the human body. 180-degree wide beam makes this LED light bulbs to illuminate the world, larger than the common LED bulb space. LED bulbs safer and more economical than halogen bulbs long lasting durability, lower power consumption and the ability to save money. Light source: Nichia LED Size: D2.3 * H4.2 in. (Nikon D60 * H106mm) Light Output: 400 Stream obvious CRI: 85 Typical color temperature: 2700 – 3200K (Warm White), 5700 – 6200K (White) Typical Input voltage: 85 – 268v AC, 50/60 Hz Energy Efficiency: LED: 95 lumens per watt, lighting: 60 lumens per watt. Power Factor: 0.92 Power: 7W Fitting: E27 Lamp life: 35,000 hours Beam angle: 180 degrees heat sink: aluminum body + plastic cover IP Rating (Work environment): Indoor use, applicable for dry environment Operating temperature: -10 to +40 ° C (+14 +104 degrees Fahrenheit) Celsius Storage temperature range: -40 to 85 degrees C (-40 to +185 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity (non-condensing): 5% – 95% relative humidity on FOBSUN FOBSUN electronic LIMILTED, a high-tech enterprise, founded in 2004, is a professional engaged in the research, development and production of energy-saving products, the main design, production, sales and licensing light emitting diode (LED) controllable digital decoration and lighting professional lighting systems, 2004, FOBSUN established an LED lighting devices in mainland China branch. FOBSUN main products are: LED T5 | T8 fluorescent lamps, all LED Downlights (round, square, straight, weak dimmable) species, LED light bar (flexible, rigid), LED Spotlight (MR10, GU10, head E27, E14 middle, E26 strain, G24′s), LED wall washer (round, square, line, is IP20 or IP65), LED rope light, LED fiber optic lights lights, LED string, driver, controller, RGB, dimming control and DMX decoders

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LED landscape lighting in the international market promising

LED with soft light and color performance, the lighting stronger than ordinary light visual artistic effect, it can not only provide a more comfortable viewing human condition, through the coordination of the various types of light color and match, reflecting a The new landscape style, increase landscape aesthetic, which to some extent to meet everyone’s visual needs and aesthetic needs. LED landscape lighting LED industry chain is also in the most downstream, are among the areas lighting applications. As people’s living standards improve and urbanization process accelerated, people for aesthetic demands elevated to a new level, urban landscape and urban ornamental rose to a very important position, LED lighting, while addressing the landscape needs of artistic and energy efficiency, to become the best choice for landscape lighting. LED lighting landscape lighting market in large scale applications began in 2004, high-power LED technology breakthroughs for the LED landscape lighting market development arts foundation. In 2008, the Beijing Olympic stadium, Water Cube LED landscape lighting project completion arts, its perfect artistic effect and strong expressive force shook the world, the successful implementation of this project has become the art of the global LED lighting market into the rapid development of the landscape term milestones. LED Art Landscape Art market size of LED landscape lighting design, LED lighting, LED landscape lighting control systems arts, engineering, construction and other aspects of the value of the sum, together with its artistic and systemic and higher value-added, and thus artistic landscape lighting LED market in a relatively short time scale. LED spotlights are an element of landscape lighting, the LED is environmentally friendly, energy-saving advantages, coupled with the Government’s strong push for LED lighting, LED lighting in the use of more and more aspects of the landscape, but also have world-scale .

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LED module development trend of becoming more evident

LED downlights and other related industry is in a stage of rapid development. We are pleased to scientific and technological progress, although the development of LED, but only a few decades, but now it has created a new lighting situation. Advantage to play with the LED, LED lighting will eventually change the traditional lighting present structure and layout of the core technology and value chain will change a lot. Currently, Grow Plant Lamp LED lighting products, compared with the ordinary, the biggest obstacle is the price, but the decline in prices of LED lighting products is an inevitable trend, in addition to the falling cost chips, companies should also consider aspects from the driver to control the LED costs. The modular LED development is to reduce the cost of production is one important way. LED modular concept is not new, but recently the trend seems increasingly obvious, as the core components, such as LED substrate, epitaxial process technology such as costs decline, including the driver control the proportion of share of the cost will be more higher and higher, how to systematically reduce lighting costs is very important, traditional LED lighting industry chain, tend to focus on epitaxial materials and chip manufacturing parts, but the development of semiconductor lighting industry today, cost reduction and efficiency improvement two driving forces will make the whole industry value chain are increasingly reflected. Should be integrated to form epitaxial chip, package integrated modules or light engine and other such upstream suppliers, then the light source and the lamp assembly (simple) in the low end of the value chain, lighting design, and intelligent lighting brands value will be highlighted. Many LED lighting companies have associated modular products, and achieve different LED module interchangeability of products, versatility has also been a topic of great concern to the industry, along with the trend of LED modules is becoming increasingly apparent, the end of the LED module products, “Warring States” conditions, to achieve standardization of LED module industry as a whole has become more urgent and more control of the market to become an important manifestation of the right to speak.

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LED downlight become the new darling of green lighting

LED downlight energy-efficient lighting in recent years to become the new darling of the market is playing an increasingly important role, but also set off an unprecedented boom. In order to reduce energy consumption, in response to the call of the national energy saving, but also to protect the environment, various places in the city most of them use the energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps in, LED downlights and its occupation lasting durability the lion’s share of the market. LED downlight high stability, not damaged, millions of continuous switching operation will not damage the light source, while the number of energy-saving lamps and only about 5,000 times. Meanwhile, Grow Plant Lamp LED downlight light angle, high luminous efficiency, brightness uniformity, less power consumption, long life of 50,000 hours, is 10 times more energy-saving lamps. In the same brightness, LED downlight energy saving than fluorescent lamp 20% energy saving than incandescent more than 120%. (Green Feng Electronics: LED Downlight, clean energy truly green lighting

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LED lighting product certification number growing proportion

The European Commission said in a press release, LED panel lights and other lighting is one of the most energy-saving lighting, “Grow Plant Lamp” lighting technology 70% energy saving than the traditional. The popularity of LED products can promote the development of lighting industry, and by 2020 the lighting energy consumption at current levels on the reduction of 20%. It is because of the LED lighting industry abroad than in domestic is more developed, and the recognition degree is higher, so many domestic LED lighting enterprises to settle on this business, pay attention to the export business, this and the proportion with LED lighting products certification continuous growth. For example, CCC certification LED lamp, LED lamp; the CQC certification LED module for electronic control device, LED lights, LED tunnel lights, general lighting self-ballasted LED lamps, the energy-saving certification of enterprise applications is also very enthusiastic. In the CCC certification and CQC certification process, small business products appear many problems in the certification process, often require repeated rectification, mainly concentrated in the structure, the external conductor, waterproof and dustproof and EMC; there are nearly 20 enterprises to obtain certification for energy-saving LED lighting products, of which more than 90% are still large traditional lighting production enterprises, these enterprises with good lighting products research and development foundation, which provide convenient conditions for the development of LED lighting products; many enterprises often pass. From the enterprise of geographical distribution, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Fujian, LED lighting products production base. In recent years some inland regions will also LED lighting as an emerging industry, but because of the lack of talent and technology, has not yet formed climate. LED road lamp production enterprises, certification number; because the LED road lighting lamp is the most complex structure, certification by the lowest rate. Product certification is the foundation for the promotion of LED, a basic guarantee is the standard LED lighting products and market.

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LED lighting will enter a new era of intelligent

At present, the global energy consumption grow with each passing day, single is lighting accounted for 20% of global annual total electricity consumption of high.”DECORATIVE LIGHTS”  Therefore, in the idea of low carbon life more win support among the people on the occasion, the emerging LED lighting industry with green lighting as the core is fast becoming the concern of the industry and technology. LED lighting in the future development trend is toward intelligent direction, elements of intelligent working environment should be included in the “simple, flexible, comfortable”, it can make the office more comfortable, more effectively improve work efficiency. Office lighting is a major energy consumer in the city. The large number of office buildings, due to the high energy consumption of the lighting system, the city a lot of energy consumption, emissions of carbon dioxide, causes a great burden to the environment in the city. Intelligent LED control system applied to office buildings and high-rise building staircases and aisle lighting, will be able to give full play to achieve energy-saving advantages of LED, according to need “lighting” concept, to “people to light, people walk dimmer lights”, achieve good energy saving effect. The main developing trend of office lighting lamps are: energy-saving, functional diversification, including high color rendering, intelligent, flexible, lightweight and environmental protection, he said, LED lighting has many advantages of application in the office, the LED plane lamp is a new generation of office lighting products fully comply with the market demand. LED flat lighting is generally used for commercial, office, business and other places, high brightness, uniform light, beautiful, energy-saving and environmental protection. Specifically, LED lamps compared with traditional lamps, spot uniformity without dark area of soft light, no glare, can be used as the preferred lamp large area lighting area; light weight, uniform heat distribution, good heat dissipation effect, product life more easily guaranteed; and the auxiliary lighting lamp used in conjunction, can reach good light levels. Effect of. According to the industry is expected, with the decline of technology and cost, LED lighting a lot to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps will start in 2012, and reached a peak in 2020.

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High Power LED Downlight significant role in the lighting system.

As an alternative to traditional lighting, very broad prospects for the development of high-power LED Downlight.”LED NET LIGHTING” Development, production, marketing and use of high-energy, long-life, high luminous efficiency, excellent color advantage of LED lamps, lighting manufacturers the most important concern. The emergence of high-power LED downlight replaced since Edison invented the light bulb, the form of traditional light sources used since the filament light burning. It has no filament to burn, coupled with high-frequency coupling, all of its energy is converted to light energy, solve the – totally dependent on the filament of the lamp is lit burning, not only the filament life is limited, and most of the energy is converted to heat, both consume a lot of energy and pollute the environment, troubled by the problem of the lighting industry in the last hundred years. The superior characteristics of high power LED downlights energy saving over 5 times, long life 5 times, three times lower in temperature, plays a vital role in saving power resources, reducing the greenhouse effect. High power LED downlight set as an energy-saving, environmental protection, health, long life, stable performance, is a revolution in lighting field, is a veritable “fourth-generation light source is bound to the current light source is bound to replace the goods. With the global energy crisis worsened, the aggravation of a waste of resources, pollution, ecological damage, the survival of mankind has faced serious challenges, advocated the building of the “energy-saving society” has been recognized by the majority of countries around the world, “energy saving, emission reduction “as a national policy of countries in the world. High Power LED Downlight the vanguard of the light source as energy saving and environmental protection, and its prospects will be unlimited, also dealers golden opportunities lie. The the incomparably superior performance of high-power LED Downlight decision it was adapted to a very wide range, high power LED downlights can be applied in the field of: solar road lighting, courtyard, plazas, factories, mines, tunnels, ports, shipbuilding and other lighting. High power LED downlight with good dimming performance stable work within the range of 30% to 100% of its rated power, and can be matched with a variety of intelligent control systems, dimming light efficiency and color change plus long-life, which is energy-saving lighting places great significance, especially to replace the difficult lighting situations plays a very important role. With the rapid development of LED technology, and the gradual improvement of the LED luminous efficiency, high power LED downlight applications will become increasingly widespread. Especially with the growing global energy shortage, high power LED downlights will replace the inevitable choice of incandescent, tungsten and fluorescent.

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